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February 26, 2012
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Naruto OC Tutorial - Ninja Stats and Jutsus by ThirdEcho Naruto OC Tutorial - Ninja Stats and Jutsus by ThirdEcho
This is an over simplified god-mod killing guide for the actual stats. Nothing more. I'm not a mass researcher (outside of class, anyways), so any tiny nuances have been left for for simplicity's sake.

**Note for my sanity**
I'm getting rather impatient with people leaving comments that say "I don't need this tutorial because I'm a Naru-tard" or "I'm able to make perfect OC, so this isn't for me, but I'm sure others will use it". That's great that you've got it figured out. Since this doesn't apply to you, I don't need a huge textwall of you defending yourself. Not to be rude, but I don't care. This is for the people that DO need it. Those of you who make the big textwalls of self-defense make me think you DO need it. :/ I'm not trying to be rude, but I do lash out when I'm impatient with people like that.

Also, I might leave things you deem important, sorry, but I'm making this simple... also... dudes, I don't watch a lot of anime, but I do draw it out of sheer joy. I'm doing this to help people. ^^; I don't even like Naruto, just my OC. Hahaaaaa.........

Mongrelssister's "mathmatical" break-down on stats: [link] (A bit too much math for me)
My downloadable stats wheel .PSD: [link]

Other Naruto Character Tutorials:

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k8eroseg Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Um, didn't you READ Naruto Vol. ^%? Mangekyo Sharingan, or the Sharingan in general, appear when an Uchiha begins to truly hate, or whatever. I can't phrase it right. JUST READ IT, PERSON!!!
Doll-Of-Murder Featured By Owner May 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
thank you! this is awesome!
B3GIN Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013  Hobbyist
Thank you very much for taking the time to make all of these tutorials. I did a fair bit of research while creating my Naruto OC (she's still a Sue. I won't deny it), but I still find it interesting to read these, and there's always more to learn. It was a pleasure to read through this; you pointed out several things I had never considered. In this case it was the stats chart. Great job! :) The scroll layout looks really nice and you bring your points across very well. 
Again, thank you for posting these. ^^
Leprapimp Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013
Hope that asking you for advice would be ok. I'm making an OC and a clan to go with him they are a very water ninjutsu oriented clan but have no bloodline so I was going to give him a summon contract and was wondering which you think would be better. I'm stuck between eels, crabs and alligators so do you think you could help me out with the pick?
FairytaleStoryTeller Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Student General Artist
I know that you weren't asking me, but I think I may be able to narrow it down for you. The summon she really depend on the place he lives. Like Alligators enjoy swamp lands. Eels and Crabs typically go to oceans. So going outside of that, since it is a summon, I suggest going for something that wouldn't need to stay in water to survive. So Eels would be cut from your list.

On another note, why not use a bird that is closely related to water. Like a stork, a seagull, a crane, a goose, an ibis, or hell. Why not a swan. Get graceful with it. They can peck the crap out of your enemies eyes, poop on them from above, and can give you aerial support while tying in with the water. 
FireMuse Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013
I'm going through your Tutorials right now, and from a fellow Canadian, kudos! Putting all this together for others must have been quite a project, and it looks great! 
One thing I noticed (and I do not know if anyone else has mentioned it, if it was caught before) was in Section I, second paragraph from the end, you mention about keeping age/rank relative. This is a great point, but you quote that the Chuunin exams only occur every 3 years. It's actually every 6 months - twice a year. Kabuto mentions that he's participating in his 7th Chuunin exams with the Rookies during their first, this would mean that (3x7) he's been a Genin for at least 18-21 years (and as he's only 19-20 yrs old before the timeskip I find that highly unlikely DX). 
You may not care that much about changing it this long after posting the Tutorial, but I figured I'd at least give a heads up. (Proceeds to look through the rest of your stuff.)
ThirdEcho Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was just going off the manga, but I've not looked at them for forever, so it's likely as you say.
thelockville Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013
I'm trying to make an Ice-themed character. I'm not here to explain him in detail, because he is still being made, but I am hunting for ideas for Ice-styled Jutsus and an Ice-themed summoning. I don't want to do a wolf, because like you mentioned. They are clich'e. I was thinking on the lines of a Snow Leopard, but is there any other options?
ThirdEcho Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My recommendation is look at both already-made jutsu and IRL snow-related "things" from all over the globe, that's what I do.

You could do a number of animals. An arctic hare (rabbits have many cultural aspects in Japan), an Arctic Tern (it's like a white sparrow.... kinda), a dall sheep is a northern mountain goat.... hmm.... a wolverine would be an interesting one. You might be able to do an arctic Fox, but that might be pushing it...

Lynx, owls, bears and foxes are a bit.... uh..... cliché.... hmm... That's all I can really say.
Meerabelle Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Student General Artist
hey i have further developed my character and i was wondering if she is any better now- she was deidara's childhood friend and although she never excelled in the academy (she was normally bored by any method of fighting as she found fighting led to wars and all wars brought death) she has a very powerful curse that turns her into a huge chakra bird whenever she is really angry or upset, or close to dying. she cant control the bird and it normally will kill anyone surrounding her. the village elders (she is from the hidden stone village) wanted to get rid of her, seeign as she was a threat to the people so they gave a her mission similar to itachis- where if she completes it she will never be allowed ot return to village again and become a missing ninja. in the end deidara comes with her and on the mission finds a forbidden scroll (teaching him his explosion/art/hand thingy) but when the mission is complete they end up splitting ways.
thats kind of a brief outline of my story so far, i was just wondering how that sounds and whether she would count as a MS then?
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